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Heilongjiang Institute of Construction Technology was originally built in 1948, at that time its primitive name was Harbin Technique Special School¡£ In February 1962 it renamed itself as Heilongjiang Province Construction Engineering School¡£ After combining with original Heilongjiang Province Construction Workers¡¯University in March 1998, Heilongjiang Institute of Construction Technology was approved of a full-time general institute of higher education by Ministry of Education¡£ From the year of 2000 to 2003, it was merged with Heilongjiang Province Building Material Industrial School and Heilongjiang Province Textile Industrial School successively¡£ Nowadays, Heilongjiang Institute of Construction Technology has become an important demonstrative vocational college of higher education from the secondary technical school¡£ It is one of 28 important demonstrative vocational colleges of higher education among the first group¡£ It is the qualified personnel training demonstrative base by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Construction to cultivate the talents in short supply ¡¢the base of national key construction projects to train vocational educational teachers¡¢one of the chairman bureau of the joint conferences of principals from the national higher vocational college and higher special school¡¢the vice director college of the professional guidance committee of civil engineering held by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Construction¡¢the deputy president of the board of council of China¡¯ s vocational education seminar¡¢the consultant college of China¡¯s western region¡¢the director of the professional committee of higher vocational college and higher special school held by the educational association of Ministry of Construction¡¢the chairman of Heilongjiang Province higher vocational college presidents contacting meeting¡¢the member of Heilongjiang Province academies offered in higher school council¡¢the vice director of Heilongjiang Province higher education teaching qualification testing council and the higher education teacher¡¯ s professional qualification council¡¢the member of the UNESCO Production & Study Council¡£

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